2500 Points CCD Barcode Scanner

Syble new arrival 1D CCD wired handheld barcode scanner with speical serpentine appearance
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Syble new arrival 1D CCD wired handheld barcode scanner with speical serpentine appearance

Model: XB-S60

Syble XB-S60 is a new arrival from Syble barcode scanner company, it is 1D CCD wired handheld barcode scanner, the main feature is its appearance, it is serpentine, so the barcode scanner has very good hand feeling. This 1D CCD scanner is very lightweight and the prompt is loud and can be used in a noisy environment.

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CCD Barcode Scanner Specification

This 1D CCD barcode scanner has normal performance as most of CCD scanner, the scan type is 2500 points image linear CCD


CCD Handheld Barcode Scanner Features

  1. -The CCD handheld barcode scanner with new decoding chip for interpreting various 1D codes

  2. - Scan one-dimensional wrinkle and scratch barcode

  3. - Scan WeChat, Alipay 1D barcode

  4. - Can withstand 3 meters of free fall many times

  5. - Plug and play, easy to set up, and can be used quickly with other office equipment

  6. - High sensitivity, fast scanning speed, high recognition rate, accurate, no repeat scanning.

Packaging :

SYBLE Barcode Scanner Standard Package
1 x Hand-held CCD barcode scanner
1 x English Manual
1 x Cable


Delivery time : 3~15 days according order quantity.

Syble barcode scanner

Knowledgue bout barcode scanner

Scanner read code - Main parameters

Application method (manual, fixed, built-in);

Mobile level (wired, wireless/radio scanner);

Type of light module (LED, CCD, laser, photo scanner, image scanner);

Reading method (linear, multiplane and omnidirectional);

The location of the workplace (horizontal, vertical, cantilever);

Connection interface (RS-232, USB, KBW, PS / 2, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi);

Read the type of barcode (1D, 2D).

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